POS Computers

Goldilocks is home

We offer three sizes to meet your needs. 

Only business class systems are sold here.
               The Micro
(Mini-Me) is now our best selling –and you can see why! No bigger than a man’s hand with numerous mounting options (mount it under counter totally out of the way) it does require that all of your peripherals be a current USB.
The Small Form Factor
Larger, it can hold two legacy ports if needed.
The Mini-Tower
(known as Big Bertha around here) can hold four legacy ports (serial/parallel) in any combination to accommodate older peripherals you are still using.


Our latest business class systems are meant to run your business, not for surfing or your daughter's homework. 

  • All of our systems are tested thoroughly before shipping and will be loaded to current Windows updates. Not sure why that’s important? Go purchase from a big-box store and you’ll find out!
  • Your POS software and any third-party related items (Endicia, PMTools, RSDB) will also be loaded, setup, and tested.
  • We’ll call you when your system arrives to schedule an appointment with our team to install.
  • After that, enjoy your purchase knowing that our daily support is backed up with Dell's three year, next day, on site warranty.