Online Data Backup

 As a division of ReSource, we provide off-site online backups for any POS software you are using.  Off-site backup is important no matter what service you use in case of theft, fire, virus etc. 

Many small businesses fail to implement regular preventative maintenance for their data. With the complexity of day-to-day operations, data backup may be the last of a small business owner’s worries. But the nature of small businesses is what makes online backup so crucial - a small business can be completely wiped out by a data loss event.

    By using a trusted POS provider, you know your data is in good hands, as well as having someone who knows exactly what files you need should you ever have to use your backup.  Emergency times are the worst to find out if that internet company was the best to use! 

  • After purchase, we'll dial in and setup the backup software. 
  • You will receive daily notifications of your backups so that you can be assured everything is backing up fine, or that you need to take action. 
  • Our support team will continue to support any settings help or changes you might need, as well as assist in a recovery should you need it.
   After a disaster or data loss event, your business may stop while you attempt to repair your system, or find someone who will. Online Backup will save time and help you avoid costly repair bills. With so much on the line, secure your information online


For POS files, the 2gig plan is plenty.

Backup as many different computers from any location (store, office, home) into one account for easy access to all of your files from anywhere

Click on your preferred link below to sign up - prices are annual, and automatically renew. We’ll give you a ring shortly to setup the backup.


2gig $69/year

5gig $89/year

10gig $109/year

20gig $139/year

30gig $169/year